It’s finally time for your senior portraits! I want your senior portrait experience to be fun, exciting, memorable and have you walk away with some amazing images that commemorate you as a person and your senior year. I want to capture your life,who you are, what you like to do, activities and things you love. I want to tell your story. I have two daughters in school and in less than two years, one will leave for college. Her senior year is one of those major milestones in life. You have seen them daily for 18 years and now suddenly, they are not around everyday and you MISS them! Historically, senior portraits have been the traditional cap and gown, admittedly very boring. Today, senior portrait photography has evolved into more of a lifestyle shoot. It is about your son or daughter, who they are and what they like to do at this point in their lives. It is a story about them so you can remember and smile. I have images of my kids on the wall and every time I walk by I see them as babes and little girls and I smile!

Greg is the BEST! I have the coolest senior photos out of all my friends!!!


If you still need to get your senior photos taken then Greg is a MUST! You only graduate High School once so better make it and them count!

Kara K.

Greg Blomberg is the Best Photographer around! His vision is outstanding and creativeness is unearthly!